Raising expansion capital

AHV sources capital for clients to support a growth strategy centred around expansion through organic growth or management buyout.

We source capital from one or more of banks, venture capital, private equity and private investor groups.

We spend a long time with the client understanding their company and their growth strategy and can assist the client in the development of a detailed financial model and forecasts if required.

We help you find the money to make your growth plans a reality.

We then prepare an Information Memorandum and Management Presentation, in conjunction with management and its other advisors, which provides a detailed overview of the company, highlighting its key investment characteristics and growth potential.

We prepare a list of perhaps 20 to 30 potential investors based upon their investment criteria (including typical investment size and approval process required). This selection procedure ensures that there is an immediate meeting of minds.

AHV will then approach these potential investors and send them a short summary of the company and its key investment characteristics.

We will then co-ordinate and manage follow up meetings/information exchanges and negotiate valuations and transaction structures.

Since we have been in your position we understand the need to give you the space to run your business and we always manage the process so as to utilise management time as efficiently as possible.