Selling companies

As a first step, we spend a long time with the client understanding their company and their exit requirements, such as valuation consideration and their desire to remain with the company etc.

We then prepare an Information Memorandum, in conjunction with management and its other advisors, which provides a detailed overview of the company and highlights its key attributes.

We find buyers to fit your exit strategy.

We conduct extensive research using public information and our own contact base to identify potential suitable acquirers around the world based on obtaining the best value for our client. This could mean researching companies not just in the client's main sector of activity but also in complementary sectors that would provide better value for our clients. A long list is presented to the client with relevant information on the potential acquirers including an overview of the business, their size, profitability and ownership characteristics. From this long list and the client's feedback, a short list of 20 to 25 potential acquirers is established.

We then approach these acquirers and send them a short summary of the company and its attributes. Interested parties are then required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before being sent the full Information Memorandum.

AHV will then co-ordinate follow up meetings and information exchanges while advising on and negotiating valuations, transaction structures and term sheets in order to manage the execution of the transaction until completion with minimal disruption to the ongoing business.