Sourcing acquisitions

AHV can source suitable acquisitions for clients and, if required, we also source capital to support the acquisition. As a first step though, we spend time with the client understanding their needs and objectives.

We then conduct extensive research based on public information and our own contact base to identify potential suitable acquisitions.

We source acquisitions to fit your growth strategies.

A long list is presented to the client with relevant information on the potential targets including an overview of each business, their sizes, profitability and ownership characteristics.

From this long list and the client's feedback, a short list of 20 to 25 potential targets is established.

We then approach these targets using a method and form of words that are agreed with the client. Meetings are arranged with those who are interested in a preliminary discussion.

AHV will then co-ordinate follow up meetings/information exchange and negotiate valuations, transaction structures, term sheets and manage the execution of the transaction.